What is the process for a new display project with your company?

We start out trying to get as much information as we can from our customers in regards to the product, the size and configuration of the display, the use of the display, and a target price range if possible. Using the information we obtain, we will create a conceptual rendering of the display for your review. When we have a design concept, we will proceed to produce a prototype of the display for testing and approval.

Do you charge for renderings?

Generally speaking we do not charge for renderings or the production of prototypes. No costs would ever be incurred without first consulting with you and obtaining your approval.

Is there a charge for modifications to the rendering?


How long does it take to get a color rendering?

3-5 days based on the current workload.

At what stage in the process do you typically supply a quote?

We can provide preliminary pricing earlier in the design process, but for accurate pricing we need to construct our sample display at which point we can provide a formal bid for the displays. We generally make two samples and keep one for our production team.

How long does it take to get a quote?

Generally 1-2 business days.

How long does it take for a typical display sample to be made?

10-12 business days, shorter for simple projects, longer for larger more complex projects.

Under what circumstances do you charge for samples?

Typically there is no charge. We will only charge if the display is exceptionally large, complex or requires specialty materials to be purchased. If we did need to charge, the pricing will be in the range to reimburse us for our out of pocket expenses, and nothing would be done without your prior approval.

If we have minor changes to the prototype if there a fee for these changes?


Approximately how long after we issue a PO does it take to produce a job?

4-6 weeks depending on the current volume within the plant.

Is it possible for us to supply components or artwork to be packed with the display?

Yes, but all the details would need to be worked out at the time the order is placed as this may affect the size of the box the displays pack in, and there may be some other costs associated with the packing, e.g. pads or extra labor, as well as tariffs for any overseas imported items.

Are your displays typically fully assembled or do they require assembly at the store level?

We can do both, it varies with customer preference. The trade off is the ease of set up of the fully assembled display versus the freight and warehousing savings of a knock down design.

How long to you guarantee your pricing in this changing economy?

 Typically 30 days.

What materials do you work best with? Wire, metal, melamine, acrylic?

Primarily wire, sheet metal, round and square tubing. We do integrate wood, melamine, plywood, plastics, or other desired materials.

How long to you guarantee your pricing in this changing economy?

Exhibidores Universales is located two miles south of the San Diego border in Tijuana MX. We also have a shipping and receiving warehouse in San Diego, CA, about three miles north of the border. Any customer supplied products will be shipped to us in San Diego. The completed displays are packed and exported back to San Diego for shipping to our customers or for drop shipping direct.

Does your company offer overseas production depending on the materials, timeline, parameters of the job?

No, we manufacture, we do not broker.

Do you purchase any part of your display components from outside sources, or is it all under one roof so to speak?

Everything is done in house for wire, sheet metal, tubing, welding, powder coating and graphics. We have local outside vendors for wood, plastic or other integrated material, if any.

How long has your company been in business?

Since 1936.

What is a typical or good quantity of permanent displays for your company?

100-10,000 plus.

Is there a minimum quantity that must be ordered?

Usually a minimum quantity is 100 units.

Are you ISO certified?

No, but we do have an internally prepared ISO style quality manual under which we operate. A copy is available for your review upon request.

What logistic services do you offer?

Given the size of most displays and relative costs of the freight, we now have a full shipping department and can handle all your shipping needs. Because of the volume of shipping we do, we have very good rates with several carriers. If requested, we can handle all the freight from determining the palletization to obtaining rate quotes for your approval prior to shipping.

Do you offer warehousing services?

Yes, but the availability of space varies so if you are going to request warehousing, this is something that should be discussed early in the process.

What Electronic or E-commerce experience do you have?

We currently provide electronic invoicing, banking, and the vast majority of all shipping documentation is transmitted electronically. This is something we strongly encourage as part of our green program. In addition, in numerous other areas we adapt and respond to the requests and needs of our customers. We currently do invoicing under the ARIBA system per one customer’s requirements, and we are registered with services such SEDEX.